Case Studies

“Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.” – Peter Drucker

Our client roster includes companies in consumer goods, financial services, human & animal health care, and B2B. We leverage our significant customer satisfaction expertise with world-class analytics and data integration to generate meaningful insights and business improvement.

Online Grocer Shopper Insights

New York City’s best-known online grocer relies on Surveys & Forecasts, LLC for all of its customer satisfaction and ad hoc research needs. Shopper transactional data is appended to survey responses to give management a total view of what is on customers’ minds.

Customer Satisfaction in Industry

A major manufacturer of heavy equipment routinely conducts a global customer and dealer satisfaction study. There was just one problem: their research firm did not know how to analyze the data. Surveys & Forecasts, LLC was retained to perform a massive data preparation and time series alignment, resulting in significant new learning for the company.

Multi-Tiered Business Insights

Exquisite estate jewelry, vintage pieces, and the latest designer fashions are all found at this amazing NYC online portal that connects buyers and dealers from around the globe. Surveys & Forecasts, LLC conducts research among customers, dealers, and designers to keep this amazing world spinning beautifully, linking responses to their data warehouse.

Unlocking & Extending Equity

A storied pharma name was part of a much larger, less well-known parent company. Research conducted by Surveys & Forecasts, LLC (among consumers, shareholders, and securities analysts) showed that the subsidiary’s name had wonderful equity. A corporate renaming and branding program was implemented, resulting in greater visibility and a higher stock price.

Applied Data Analysis

Who takes your surveys? Not long ago, the trustworthiness of online research was in doubt. Why did research panels produce different answers to the same question? Research buyers and sellers came together to map a path forward. Under the auspices of the Advertising Research Foundation, we analyzed 100K responses from 17 consumer panels in a rigorously designed initiative that addressed many key issues.

Ad Hoc & Custom Research

One of the nation’s best-known weight control programs wanted to tap the growing market for diabetes control. Surveys & Forecasts, LLC worked with this innovative company to (a) identify the market potential for a diabetes-oriented line extension, and (b) identify the most persuasive claims to support a product launch via an upweight test. The line extension was the most successful launch in company history.

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