Understand Your Customer!

We help companies grow by uncovering insights, finding new business opportunities, deepening customer connections, and shaping behavior.

We combine people-based research with market knowledge and powerful analytics for both new and established businesses.

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Surveys & Forecasts, LLC is a marketing research and consulting firm specializing in new product development and optimization, segmentation for media targeting, and customer satisfaction.

Our research services also inform companies that are acquiring or selling, solidify patent and IP cases, and increase the value of existing data through vizualization and statistical analysis.

We believe in the amazing benefits of big data and AI to improve human understanding, but wise enough to know that direct feedback and an ongoing conversation are needed to truly understand what customers think and feel.

Actively listening, intelligently analyzing

We are advocates for actively listening to customers, and embedding that feedback into actionable decisions for business. We provide exceptionally thoughtful approaches to solving marketing issues through well-crafted research, and utilize methodologies most suitable for your assignment.

Research Advisory

For over 25 years, leading the way in product development and creating segments for smart media allocation.


Business Advisory

Whether acquiring, selling, or maximizing the value of a business, we inform the underlying worth of the firm.


IP & Claims Support

Supporting defendants, plaintiffs, and legal teams with research to preserve IP and repel encroachment.



Offering statistical analysis and data visualization to uncover maximum value from survey or sales data you already own.


We partner with you to uncover customer needs and decision drivers in a wide range of consumer and B2B categories.

If you are committed to world-class customer insights to drive your company’s business to the next level, please get in touch.

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With Gratitude…

Bob is an excellent researcher and brings a strategic  marketing perspective to his work. He is one of the best researchers working in our industry. I can recommend him without hesitation.

Tom Kirwan, CEO

Bruno & Ridgway Associates, Inc.

He is a knowledgeable and thorough market researcher and I’ve always been impressed by his technological savvy. He has been a great resource over the years and I’m very pleased to know him as a friend.

Tom Anderson, CRO

StoryHub, LLC

He is one of the few marketing researchers who are both strategic and technical at the same time. He thinks about market research issues strategically and provides great counsel.

Gaurav Kapoor, CEO

Newristics, LLC

Surveys & Forecasts, LLC