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In marketing, a “positioning” refers to a place in the mind of the consumer that a brand (product) holds. It is how a person thinks about a brand relative to his/her lifestyle, what a user of the brand represents outwardly to others, and how the brand fits in the context of different use situations. A positioning also brings with it the imagery and tonality associated with the brand.

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In short, a positioning is the human connection to a brand in words, images, and sound.

Research to identify a “positioning” involves the identification of messages that can be communicated to the target audience that are persuasive. Not only must a positioning be unique, it must also be meaningful. A positioning (and specific communication points) is initially identified during new product development. But in other cases, an updated positioning is needed to keep an existing brand fresh and relevant.

Is your brand communication keeping up with what consumers consider relevant?

In situations where brands need to develop a new positioning and identify relevant communication points, research among both existing customers and brand prospects is recommended. There are different ways to uncover new positioning opportunities, including various forms of attitudinal questions, imagery questions, product use questions, and the application of techniques to identify common themes that can be leveraged by the brand. Image research identifies previously unconsidered ways to describe the brand that could expand the user base or usage situations.

Can your business grow through an improved positioning and communication support?

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